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    HOW TO: Rewrite URL / Implement URL Rewriting in ASP.NET


    Reference articles:

    • Tip/Trick: Url Rewriting with ASP.NET by Scott Guthrie - Examines four approaches: 1) Use Request.PathInfo Parameters Instead of QueryStrings; 2) Using an HttpModule to Perform URL Rewriting; 3) Using an HttpModule to Perform Extension-Less URL Rewriting with IIS7; 4) ISAPIRewrite to enable Extension-less URL Rewriting for IIS5 and IIS6; also discusses how to handle ASP.NET postbacks correctly with URL rewriting.

    • URL Rewriting by Salman (CSharpFriends) - simple implementation of URL rewriting logic within the Application_BeginRequest() method of the Global.asax file.

    • Rewrite.NET - A URL Rewriting Engine for .NET by Robert Chartier ( Solution steps:
      • Create the HttpModule to process the web request and rewrite the URL
      • Add the handler in Web.config
      • Create a configuration section in Web.config to define URL mapping rules
      • Add extensibility by creating a rules engine interface
      • Write class or classes to implement rules engine interface
      • Add code to the HttpModule to dynamically load the desired rules from Web.config
    • URL Rewriting in ASP.NET by Scott Mitchell (MSDN) - examines how to implement URL rewriting in a HTTP module; also explains how to handle postbacks.

    • URL Rewriting with ASP.NET by Richard Birkby (CodeProject) - shows how legacy ASP sites can be upgraded to ASP.NET, while maintaining links from search engines. Solution steps:
      • Create the configuration section in Web.config for defining URL mapping rules
      • Write the configuration section handler class, incorporating the URL rewriting logic
      • Create a call to handler in Global.asax in Application_BeginRequest() method
      • Compile the code and install the rewriter assembly in the Global Assembly Cache (GAC)
      • Configure IIS to map non- .aspx files to the ASP.NET ISAPI extension

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